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Stop Eating the Grass!

July 20, 2010

“I’m kind of worried about Mercedes,” I said to my sister.  “She hasn’t been eating her cat food much but throws up a lot; and every time I open the door, she bolts outside and starts gobbling up grass.  Then she comes in and vomits.  I’m sick of cleaning up after her,” I complained.

“Hmm, sounds like she has a hair ball blocking her system.  Are you brushing her every day?”

“Well not every day.”  I was being evasive.  About once a week was more like it.

“And what about that hair ball medicine I gave you?  Are you using it?”

“I think I still have it somewhere, but she doesn’t like the stuff,” my voice trailed off with my feeble excuse.

Amy didn’t have to say anything.  Her silence said it all.  She was disgusted with me.

At that moment I was disgusted with myself too.  Instead of taking five minutes a day to do what I knew I was supposed to do, I would chase my cat around the yard yelling like a lunatic, “Mercedes, stop eating the grass.  It’ll make you sick!” Rather than give her medicine because she didn’t like it, I would let her feel sick.  I thought of all the time I’d wasted cleaning up after her and my mortification when a visitor had seen a pile of vomit on my dining room floor. 

I couldn’t help but make the correlation to my spiritual life.  Why is it, when we know that spending time praying and studying the Bible will keep us strong and healthy Christians, we neglect to do those things?  In its place we waste our lives fretting and running around like crazy people for the rest of the world to observe.  Then we have the audacity to complain to others about our peace lacking lives.

After my sister hung up the phone, I went to the medicine closet and pulled everything off the shelf.  Way in the back I found the tube of hairball remedy in malt flavor.  Grabbing her brush, I pulled Mercedes onto my lap and began brushing.

A few days later I was thrilled to have my lively kitty back and also amazed at how much less cleaning I was doing.  Not only had she stopped being sick, but I wasn’t having to vacuum the furniture every day.  I no longer found myself frantically chasing her around the yard yelling, “Don’t eat the grass.”

How about you?  Are you neglecting God and then feeling sorry for yourself because you are spiritually sick?  Stop wasting time with the world’s remedies and spend some time with God.

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